Black Moon Oil-Positive Shift, Beginnings, Success, Messages
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Black Moon Oil-Positive Shift, Beginnings, Success, Messages

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A Black Moon occurs when there are two new moons within one lunar month. This particular new moon happened at 11:11 PM. This was also a super moon and will lead to break-throughs, love, excitement and balancing vibrations. 

The new moon is the end of a period of release, and a moment of dark and quiet in which we can set our intentions for the next moon cycle. This is a time to harness this abundant energy to drive success into your goals. 

This oil was created DURING the black moon. It was infised with quartz crystals and each bottle contains a smoky quartz point. Created from a luxurious blend of jasmine resin, amber resin, lavender resin, cosmetic grade mica and black storax. It is scented ONLY with these resins-no other oils have been added, thus forming a warm, rish scent void of sharpness, heavy notes  or synthetics.Use for enhancing your divination skills, to dress candle prior to work and add to any work that needs a boost of new black moon power! 


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