Black Moon Oil-Positive Shift, Beginnings, Success, Messages
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Black Moon Oil-Positive Shift, Beginnings, Success, Messages

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A Black Moon occurs when there are two new moons within one lunar month or three new moons within a season of 4 full moons.

The new moon is the end of a period of release, and a moment of dark and quiet in which we can set our intentions for the next moon cycle. This is a time to harness this abundant energy to drive success into your goals. 

This oil was created DURING the black moon. It was infised with quartz crystals and each bottle contains pieces of obsidian. Created from a luxurious blend of jasmine resin, amber resin, lavender resin, cosmetic grade mica and black storax. It is scented ONLY with these resins-no other oils have been added, thus forming a warm, rish scent void of sharpness, heavy notes,  or synthetics. Use for enhancing your divination skills, to dress candle prior to work and add to any work that needs a boost of new black moon power! 


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