Black Devil Working-Remove Negativity From Your Household

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Whether it's a meddlesome spirit, a teenager with a bad attitude, a crabby spouse,  a grief-riddled household or you've just got the funk-cleanse your entire household of the nasties with this service. Get back on track and get that devil off your backs!

Let me create a custom-loaded and fixed candle for you with my own oil formulas and powder. I'll then leave the proper offerings and petition the corresponding spirit or deity to help you and your relationship. This is a 3 days service  and I will send 5-10 photos of the process with a report.

Rootwork is a type of spiritual assistance and exercise. There is no one type of assistance that will work for 100% of the people who attempt to utilize it.

A full report containing 5-10 photos will be emailed when the work is close to completion or upon completion.

Please provide names, DOB and the details of your situation as well as you goals in the "special instructions" area on your order form.  Photos should be e-mailed to

To read my testimonials, please visit this link;

*Spiritual work is never guaranteed. Just with any professional service, such as a lawyer or counselor, providing a professional service does not gurantee your situation with be met with your anticipated goals, in your anticipated amount of time.

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