Black Destroyer Oil
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Black Destroyer Oil

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Genuine and authentic!

This oil oil was created to help people clear dangerous situations, ugly circumstances and large obstacles out of their lives and also provide protection. It is said to end hexes, curses, and crossed up conditions.

The "Black Destroyer" water sold in botanicas is dyed alcohol and water, sorry to tell you, but ingredients will prove it.

Use this oil as a sprinkle on tricks that people have laid for you such as powders, bottles, or nails others have placed on your property. 

To affect your target, place their photo (or an object belonging to them/handwriting sample) in a bowl, set the candle on top of the photo or item then fill the dish with my Black Destroyer oil and vinegar. This works best with candles that have larger bases such as pillars, votives, or 7 knob candles. You can then add gris gris appropriate to your circumstance, if desired. Let the candle burn down until the flame reaches the liquid. Do not leave this working unattended!

1/2 ounce bottle of my own formula containing burnt black hen feather, holy basil, sea salt, cayenne, charcoal, tobacco, and High John among other hoodoo secrets:)

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