Black Cat Mojo-Luck, Gambling, Returns Lovers, Money, Success

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This mojo, and it's corresponding oil, have long been used in gambling and to reverse bad luck. In African customs, the black cat is not a symbol of bad luck but good, especially in the gambling or sporting world. It has even been thought to return lovers and grant invisibility. This mojo contains sage, bay laurel, grains of paradise, iron, lodestone, black cat hair, and the crowning ingredient secret ingredient that Black Cat formulas must have but is my little secret! This mojo works to bring luck to every area of life.

The oil is great for anointing cash registers and doors of businesses, slot machines, lottery tickets, tip jars, your wallet, coins, purse, or cash book of you are a server. Anoint your change jar and watch it fill up! Thanks for looking! Curio only.

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