Black Cat Bone Cross-Luck, Gambling, Protection, Healing

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 In African traditions, the black cat is not a symbol of bad luck but good, especially in the gambling or sporting world. It has even been said to return lovers and grant invisibility. 

The story/tradition says that in order to obtain the "lucky bone" from a black cat that it must be skinned by the teeth of the practitioner and/or then dropped, alive, into boiling water to which the "lucky bone" then floats to the top. This bone is believed to cure disease, win court cases and perform other miracles. 

I have found that this method is not necessary to find such bones. The bones I have acquired are from a black cat that passed away naturally, without trauma. The bones were then boiled and I have chosen the ones that floated to the top to offer here.

Dress with my Black Cat oil for extra luck and power.

Each cross is created by me from bones that are about 4 inches long. Colors will vary.


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