Bindweed-Knotweed, Binding Workings, Protect from Evil Spirits
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Bindweed-Knotweed, Binding Workings, Protect from Evil Spirits

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Bindweed (Convolvolus, which is in the morning glory family) is considered the most problematic "weed" in agriculture. Bindweed (or knotweed) can choke out any crop and it's roots and rhizomes can reach up to 5 tons per acre! These characteristics make it the perfect herb for binding workings.

These bundles were hand pulled and wrapped by me from my local cemetery where it gros rampant in a patch at the far east end. It is such a treat to walk down the ravine and search for small fossils, black nightshade, cedar, and bindweed on these foraging trips. 

You will receive one bundle (about 5 inches long) of bindweed which you can cut up for many uses or tie a name paper too and toss in a fire for your binding workings.

*These photos were taken right after harvesting and wrapping-he bundles are now dry so their appearance has changed slightly.


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