Bewitching Powder-Glamour, Enhances Your own Unique Appeal

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Bewitchment is that special quality all women on earth possess-that desire, passion, strength, and courage that we possess, the mysteries only we as women understand, and the appeal that you know how to make work for ya! This oil was inspired by an old recipe and a client of mine, so it's a modern twist on bewitchment, which we now call "glamoury". Glamoury is about achieving goals and change within yourself. It's about becoming a better person by giving you the confidence to make changes in your life. It's not about changing your eye or hair color as hokey movies and websites will tell you. When you perform a glamoury you focus on changing your aura, to become the person you know you can be and letting it radiate out to others. It's also about letting others see your inner beauty. Whether you are using it in a work circumstance so you get that raise or promotion, or so the boss sees the hard work you've been doing or about revealing your feelings to someone you truly care for or making a lifestyle change, glamoury magick can assist with these. They jump start you onto your new path. Great when starting a new healthy change such as walking daily or changing your eating habits. Perfect for increasing self awareness to promote spiritual growth and connection with deity. Excellent when starting a new job or going back to school. Give yourself the confidence you need to make a change and jump start it magickally! Place this powder on your body, in your bed or use to dress candles and mojos. Skin safe! Use along with my Bewitching oil as a meditation oil-anoint your third eye, neck, wrists, and soles of your feet. Light a green, white, or yellow candle, also anointed with this oil, and light some incense. A small bowl of water must be used as an offering with a crystal inside, so all four elements are represented. Sit in meditation with your eyes closed, visualizing your a pathway littered with gems leading to your deity or ancestor you choose to work with.


Do this guided meditation 3 times, letting it lead you further down the path each time. See them as the brightest gem of all, offer your bowl of water and sit at their side and ask them for advice on your matters of change. Created with lilac lotus, opium, and ylang ylang oils. You will receive about two ounces of powder.

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