Benevolence Incense-Rids Negative Entities, Draws In Guides

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Designed to help set your mind at ease when the veil is thin or when you are calling upon spirits for their aid...

Protected is the best way to begin any ritual-especially our rituals which invite guests from other realms into our homes...

This blend is designed to invite in only the helpful and wise specters...those who will protect, guide and aid you and your household.

It simultaneously has been charged to repel any baneful spirit that could cause trickery or unpleasantries.

Use before ritual, divination, ancestor worship or just to welcome your guides into your home and sacred works.

Created with only the rarest, black sticky frankincense, black copal, black styrex and white sandalwood.


You will recive a 1 ounce vial with 2 charcoal for burning.

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