Bat's Blood Oil-Affect Enemies, Cause Discord, Hexes, Confusion

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Exclusive formula to Conjured Cardea! I have slowly been introducing some of the so-called "darker oils". My clients have been requesting them and I have found that what is on the market bearing these formula names are sorry excuses for oils. In fact, they are nearly all just dyed oil:/ This is an authentic recipe for Bat's Blood oil created from Ethiopian myrrh resin and oil, magnolia oil, dragon's blood resin and oil, and bayberry oil.  This recipe also includes my families secret "blood" recipe though NO blood was used in the making of this oil. It is only to give the appearance and imbue the oil with life force or ashe'. This formula is used to create hexes. It causes tension, confusion, discord, and havoc to the targeted. It is also to dress juju and dolls created for similar purposes. Use on black candles. 1/2 ounce. Thanks for looking!

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