Attraction Oil-Manifest Your Goals and Desires

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Welcome! This is my famous attraction oil which is soaked in goodnesses like low john, lemon zest, nutmeg, gold, pyrite, lodestone, devil's shoestring, honeysuckle, rose, lunaria seeds, patchouli, frankincense, orris root, verbena, vervain and more! Use this to attract anything you may need; companionship, employment, household items, transportation, works! I have used this oil in daily ritual to give thanks for what I already have and to attract blessings to my home. It has aided me in my rituals and I have received so much abundance due to it's help; a new car, new truck, a home, a healthy family, debt relief, a good job, a good job for my husband, a new stove...the list goes on. Try it just may get what you want!

The working; follow these directions exactly! Gather several magazines, catalogs, or newspapers. Cut 7-9 pictures out of these of the things you need or desire. Get a white candle you can burn for seven days, glass encased prayer candles that you buy from the grocery are good. You can find these in the ethnic foods isle, they cost between $2-3. Create a space just for this candle and lay the pictures around it. Anoint your candle and the pictures with my Attraction Oil. You can also use it on doors and windows. Sprinkle my Attraction powder in each corner of your house, moving clockwise, and say "spirit of attraction, bring me what I desire", then name the things that are on the pictures cut out. Sprinkle some on your candle and say "as I feed you, you feed me". Do this ritual for seven days. Ask Lakshmi (or whatever force you believe in) that your needs and desires are met. Set a bowl in the place you have reserved for your candle and pictures and fill it with coins and cinnamon as an offering for Lakshmi (or offering appropriate for your deity) After the 7 days, continue to fill this bowl with your loose change. Once in a while, bury a coin outside in your garden or in a houseplant. Give the rest of the change to charity or to someone who needs it, and start to refill your bowl again, repeating the process.  Thanks for looking! Curio only.

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