"Aphrodite, Come To Me" Palm Oil Candle WITH Spell Instructions
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"Aphrodite, Come To Me" Palm Oil Candle WITH Spell Instructions

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6" Tall Two Colors: Red and Pink
Candle will burn about 85 Hours

Astral Mystical Candle for Captivating.  This candle was prepared with coconut palm wax to give it a charge of positive energy.  It contains amulets and astral essences that have captivating qualities. 

Instructions: Light the candle.  Concentrate on the flame and think of happy moment you have had or you wish to have with the person you would like to captivate.  Say these words with these thoughts in your head: "With this candle, I enamor you (target) the way Goddess Aphrodite captivated the Gods. Today, I (your name), enamor you, I captivate you, I tie you so that you may always remain at my side."

Intructions are continued with the spell paper included.

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