Alum Pieces-Powerful Drawing, Luck, and Attraction Talisman
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Alum Pieces-Powerful Drawing, Luck, and Attraction Talisman

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Alum is a mineral that has long been used in Hoodoo and other magickal practices to draw things or energy to the practitioner. To make a lucky hand mojo, take a lump of alum, a piece of pyrite (fool's gold), and a pinch of saltpeter. Carry together in a red flannel bag dressed with Florida Water (available at Conjured Cardea) or your favorite lucky or drawing oil. This makes a great mojo hand for luck and attraction. Try using my lucky hand or attraction oil! To rent or sell a home, use camphor, a sugar cube, and 5 lumps of alum. Place camphor at each of the four corners of the house and a piece of alum on top of each pile or square. Put the sugar cube under the doorstep or front porch with the 5th piece of alum on top of it to draw in sweet new tenants. Alum is often mixed with other minerals to make baths, floorwashes, or powders in hoodoo. To stop gossip take an amount of alum that will cover a dime and put it into a mojo bag. Write the interfering person's full name on a piece of paper, and place the Name-Paper in the sack with the alum. Just as alum puckers up the mouth, this mojo will keep the person you have named from gossiping about you and keep them mindin' their own business! Add alum to any mojo to draw what you need. These are nice chunks of alum. I add alum to many mojo's I make and there is nothing else like it! Powerful stuff! You will receive approximately an ounce of alum. Thanks for looking! Curio only.

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