Alligator Jaw Knife-Athame, Ritual, Altar Decor, Power,Spellwork
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Alligator Jaw Knife-Athame, Ritual, Altar Decor, Power,Spellwork

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What a wonderful find and unique addition to your altar and practices! The bolines I have at this time still have a couple of teeth in the handles! When I received my first alligator jaw knife, it was a special moment in my life and spiritual journey and that knife was significant in marking that notch in my path. There is something special about having a hand honed knife made from natural different in feel that the factory produced ritual knives out there. Plus, no one will have one like yours;) Having unique altar items can be difficult with the thousands cookie-cutter knives out there being sold from catalogs. Make your altar and workings special...make them yours. These alligator jaw bone knives make the perfect boline, which, traditionally, it to be made with a bone handle. It is used for harvesting, gathering, cutting cords, roots, bark, etc. It could also be used as a ritual blade, or athame, but it does not have a double edge. This may matter to you if you are a stickler for tradition but many practitioners choose to use knives that have meaning to them versus following tradition exactly. For those of you practicing folk magic traditions, Hoodoo, Vodou, Santeria, or a family tradition, you will feel at home with one of these knives. There is something about it's rustic look and feel, natural material, and spirit that will meld wonderfully with your folk practice. Alligators are renowned for their association with luck and good fortune.

You will receive ONE RANDOM knife from the above photos. Knives are 8-10 inches long and include a couple of set teeth. Thanks for looking! ashe'!

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