Alkanet Root-Prosperity, Purification, Protection, Gambling

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Alkanna Tinctoria root is burned as an incense to provide purification and is also used to attract great wealth. It attracts success, luck, and abundance! A great gambling herb too:)

Also prevents monetary loss via theft, moochers, or gossiping co-workers!

Use with my Fiery Wall of Protection or Crown of Success oils!

If you enjoy making your own candles, soaps, oils, inks, make-up, or dying wool or fabric-THIS root is a MUST HAVE! Just a few pieces and you will have a lovely, rich pink hue. Add a few more to increase the depth all the way to a rich scarlet red! Depending on your base you may receive shades of blue or purple as well.

You will receive a 2x3 inch bag! Over twice what you can buy at half the price.

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