Across the Miles Working-Draws In Love, Opens Romantic Avenues
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Across the Miles Working-Draws In Love, Opens Romantic Avenues

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This is a service that I will perform for you and ONE target which aids in drawing emotional, romantic bonding. Designed for stubborn targets or targets that are distanced either emotionally or physically. Attacks blockages caused by emotional withdrawness or physical distances. Duration;  5-7 DAYS. YOUR REPORT CAN NOT BE SENT UNTIL THE SERVICE IS COMPLETE!

This service includes loaded, dressed and fixed candles which is burned on my altar, along with the corresponding oils, altar set up, evocations, prayers, incense, roots, powders, etc.

*****You will receive 5-10 photos of your service, once completed. *****Please write the details of your situation, along with your full name, in the "special instructions" are of your order. Any photos are to be e-mailed to NO INFORMATION INCLUDED, NO SERVICE CAN BE PERFORMED!

Photo is an example of this service-each service is fully customized.

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