9 Indian Fruit Oil
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9 Indian Fruit Oil

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welcome! This is one of my most enchanting blends! The 9 layers of scent make your head spin! This oil is a very old formula and is one of the best for getting results! It is so traditional that the story of it's name has been lost unfortunately, but I assume it got it's start with the mystical medicines and beliefs associated with American Indians. The 9 layers support one another, harmonizing, and as you wear it, each note becomes easier to detect, distinguishing it's power from the rest. This oil really puts in a team effort-all 9 of these ingredients are designed to bring your wealth and work together to get you what you need. Plus, it smells heavenly! Created with cherry, kiwi, coconut, vanilla, strawberry, kiwi, peach, watermelon, apple...with tonka bean for added luck and love! This is truly a special oil and one of my favorites to make and share! Use on Lucky Indian, St. Expedite, St. Martin candles to bring good luck and fortune! These saints are both associated with Ellegua and this oil is, therefore, perfect for this God of the crossroads and fate-he loves it! Use on green, red, yellow, purple, blue, or rainbow colored candles. *Shake this oil before using as the oil from the tonka bean is rich and may settle. thank you for looking! curio only.

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