7 African Powers Oil-Evoke the Power of the Orisha
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7 African Powers Oil-Evoke the Power of the Orisha

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This was my first, real accomplishment in ritual oils...because I couldn't find anyone selling it! I work with the 7 African Powers devotedly, and wanted something to anoint their candles with, so I created one! This oil is created with patchouli for ellegua, lavender for yamaya, hibiscus for obatala, rosemary for ogun, cinnamon for oshun, clove for oya, and coconut oil for chango. You find won't another oil like this! Hand-blended, charged, and 3 year "set" oil. This is an AWESOME all-purpose altar oil! Adds power to any working or ritual! 9 African Power oil available too!

The 7 African Powers are seven of the most well-known and celebrated deities (orishas) of the Yoruban pantheon. The orishas are common to all faiths of Yoruban origin, although they are not always considered to be the same deities. In Santeria, Voodoo's sister religion, they are referred to as Las Sietes Potencias. In Macumba traditions (Candomble, Umbanda), they are called Orixa. In Vodoun, they are called Lwas (Loas), and in Palo, they are referred to as Nkisi. In New Orleans Voodoo, the deities are known as the Court of the Seven Sisters.

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