5 Rare Medium Coffin Nails-Protection, Hexing, Nail Your Goal
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5 Rare Medium Coffin Nails-Protection, Hexing, Nail Your Goal

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Rare, rose-head, coffin bodied 100 year old coffin nails. Yes, Coffin Nails! The term "coffin nail" is used to describe any 4 sided, square or rectangular headed, iron nail. These nails are used to add potency to charms and spells. They are also used as offerings or altar decoration for many deities such as Ogun or Cardea. Rusty coffin nails can be used for protection and to keep harm and illness away from your home and family. And bent or curved coffin nails can be used to "bend" negativity out of your home by making it do a U-turn once it has come in! These little rusty gems are hand-forged, not stamped, and are from the 1850's and are in great condition. Very potent ingredient. It is said a new nail should be used for each spell ("new" as in an additional one, not the same nail used over). This gives you enough for 5 charms or workings! If you have never used this ingredient in your workings, I promise you will not be disappointed! Who couldn't use a little extra "oomph" in their magic:) Nails are approximately 2 inches long. You will not receive the exact item pictured, but a similar set. thanks for looking! curio only.

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