5 Finger Grass Oil-Success, Luck, Prosperity, Gambling, Love
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5 Finger Grass Oil-Success, Luck, Prosperity, Gambling, Love

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 This formula gets it's name from 5 finger grass or potentilla. This is probably one of the best known herbs associated with Medieval witchcraft and is believed to ward of negative spirits, bestows eloquence and protection to the wearer and, in court cases, it aids in having a favorable outcome to the user. Wear this old, tried and true formula to attract love, money, power and wisdom These are believed to be what the five "fingers"of the leaves represent. It is also believed to repel any evil or negativity caused by the five fingers of man while simultaneously bringing you success in all things 5 fingers can do such as your work, craft, gambling, etc. My recipe contains genuine 5 finger grass, cinnamon, and basil with essential oil of cedar. Use with yellow, orange, green, or purple canndles.


thanks for looking! curio only.

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