45 Elements of Luck Oil-Famous Colombian Formula-2 Oz.
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45 Elements of Luck Oil-Famous Colombian Formula-2 Oz.

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The original, great smelling luck oil from Colombia!
Potent success and luck oil containing 45 magickal elements for luck. You can wear it on the skin as it contains no alcohol or drying agents, and no water - pure oil. It's most widely used on petitions and/or candles when stating intentions. You can also treat your luck charms and mojo bag items. Once you're finished with the entire bottle, the makers recommend that you bury it in front of a tree, or if that's not possible, wrap it well and keep it away from sunlight.
The legendary oil is said to help with success in love, money, business, employment and health, and is said to protect against hexes, cheaters, envious people, thieves and liars, and your own bad habits.


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