3 Kings Incense Blend-Protection, Cleansing, Spirits, Celebrate

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Three Kings Incense is one of the most famous, most sacred incense blends available. Created to celebrate the Three Kings, or Three Wise Men, and the wisdom and magic they possessed. The Three Kings are highly celebrated in a large portion of the world on Three Kings Day. This incense is commonly used in celebration of these holy men, other holy and spiritual celebrations, daily prayers, to welcome guests and to cleanse a space from negativity and bad spirits. Some even use it to draw prosperity to the home.

The main ingredient is olibanum, or frankincense, and is mixed with sandalwood, bezoin, myrrh and lavender resins.  This produces a 100% natural, pure, spiritual blend to add depth to any spirtitual work or worship. Resin incenses must be burned on incense charcoals. This is a traditional practice used in temples, churches and other sacred places for thousands of years.
You will receive ONE 2x3 inch zip bag with TWO charcoals to get you started.

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