3 Buckeye Nuts
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3 Buckeye Nuts

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I much prefer working with "live" roots and nuts versus dried...what hoodoo hunny doesn't?! The ashe' is so much more powerful! You can still have a "freshly dried" root (one that hasn't sat around for months...say, on a store shelf;) that possesses a lot of ashe' but "just dug" is oh so much better! I have a secret...I LOVE the smell of just-turned dirt:) It's my favorite! These were "planted" last year from a tree with whom we share living space, with the intention they would be dug up this year, having "sweetened" magickally. The idea is that the one's that don't sprout are traditionally considered "magickally intended". That is, to serve as amulets and charms, or ingredients for mojos or gris gris. The one's that sprout, well we move them to where they can become trees and continue the cycle! Increase your business, wealth, and vigor with this curio. Carry it in the front pocket and oil it to keep it smooth and shiny. Try wrapping a two-dollar bill around the buckeye (folding it toward them to draw the money) to bring good luck. Add a buckeye to a green flannel bag containing money herbs such as allspice, chamomile, calednula, celery seed, basil, cinnamon, alfalfa, and Irish Moss. Before handling their cash, they dress the bag with Money Drawing Oil and recite the 23rd Psalm. These sell for over $3 each in most botanicas! You will receive 3 nuts. If you would like me to create this mojo for you, please contact me and I'll be happy to help! thanks for looking!

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