3 Alligator Teeth-Luck, Money, Conjure, Mojo Bags, Gambling

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Alligator teeth have been used for hundreds of years in the Americas to bring fortune. How or why this custom started is unknown. Alligators shed their teeth, whether they have been damaged or not, so perhaps it was just the fact that they were plentiful and free-people just needed to find a use for them;) These teeth are from farm raised gators and were sold to me by a Native American woman. The gators were not harmed to obtain the teeth, as they shed them regularly. Alligator teeth fit one inside the other, then they shed the old or damaged tooth on top. Every part of the alligator is used. The skin for clothing, the meat for food, the heads, teeth and claws for curios, and the rest in pet foods. Each tooth average from 1/2 inch to an inch. As with all natural curios, each is a different size, shape and/or color. These are most commonly used in mojos but can be used as offerings on altars too-use your imagination:) Alligator teeth start at $5 for one, so this is a damn good deal;) Listing is for THREE teeth. Sizes vary. Thanks for looking! Curio only.

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