2 Ounce Bottle of Custom Oil Formula
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2 Ounce Bottle of Custom Oil Formula

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Want an oil created just for you? With herbs for your zodiac sign, element, or deities? Or maybe you have a special circumstance that you need help with? Maybe you need a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special, or want a custom perfume oil created...well, you've come to the right place;) Oils are my specialty and if you need it, I can make it! All oils are created in a ritual atmosphere under the evocation of deities and spirits I work with who oversee all of my work. They are created alchemically-that is on the proper day, the proper number of items, with coordinating organic, home-grown herbs, essential oils, and perfume oils form India, all corresponding to your need. Please allow time for completion as this is a highly customized item. You must include in special instructions any information pertaining to the oil such as circumstance, favorite scents, zodiac sign, etc.

Feedback; "One of the best! The oil is perfect and the herbs so beautiful in the bottle. Thank you so much for offering custom oils for folks! This will be one of my daily inspirational scents!" 


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