11:11 Mercury Transit Oil-Communication, Opportunity, Success

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This oil was created on 11-11 during Mercury' transit. 1 ounce, shaded blue glass bottles with aluminum cap.

Mercury – the innermost planet of our solar system – transited the sun on November 11th. This means Mercury passed directly in front of the sun and was visible through telescopes with solar filters as a small black dot crossing the sun's face. 

This oil was created during this time to harness the enregy of Mercury and the Sun. This oil is imbued with the astrologial properties of Mercury-communication, intelligence, reason and the Sun's properties of success, healing, cleansing and renewal. This oil is designed as a super-blast to your work and to help you achieve your goals with precision and ease.

Contains sassafras root, heather, gum arabic, saffron, artemesia, centaurea and more. 

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