1 Heart of the Ocean-Sea Heart-Ocean Voyager-Yemaya, Luck, Love
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1 Heart of the Ocean-Sea Heart-Ocean Voyager-Yemaya, Luck, Love

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Entada gigas from Costa Rica

Cultures have used these beans for centuries to make musical instruments, jewelry, and carry as lucky talismans or amulets to aid in love. The beans travel thousands of miles then root, growing out of the ocean and up into the trees making them a miraculous specimen. Anoint this bean with my La Flamme, Commanding Luv, Attraction, or another oil appropriate for your situation and carry in a red mojo.

The plant from this seed produce the longest bean pod of any legume, this tropical vine also produces large, heart-shaped seeds that ride the ocean currents of the world. Twining through the forest canopy like a botanical boa constrictor, sea heart vines are one of the most remarkable plants. Known locally as "escalera de mono" or "monkey ladder," sea heart vines actually provide arboreal thoroughfares for monkeys high in the rain forest canopy.

The pod can be 3 ft. long and is segmented with a long frame and panels that pop out when the pod falls. In Northern Australia a similar species are called matchbox beans. They are toxic too but Australian aborigines ate them after careful preparation. Contraceptive and abortive uses have also been recorded.

This listing is for ONE seed.

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