1 Black Water-Protects Your Home,Makes Unwanted People Leave
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1 Black Water-Protects Your Home,Makes Unwanted People Leave

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Waters and washes are an integral part of hoodoo and other earth-magico systems. They are an easy and potent way to make the ritual of cleaning the home pack a magickal punch. Any good hoodoo has a spick and span house if you ask me, and waters suited for our specific use to enhance the energy of our homes and outcomes of our workings. Agua negra is used to wash the outside of your home, like steps, porches, decks, windows, and doors in order place a barrier of protection. Those who wish us harm can not pass. It is great to combine with red brick dust by washing with the water first then laying a line of brick dust done when the area has been finished cleaning and drying. You can also use this water to make an enemy or shitty neighbor leave. Just throw some down on their doorstep or door knob whenever you can. When using it for this manner is is great combined with my black salt. My Agua negra is a family recipe that combines indigo water, pokeberry dye, ash, and other natural ingredients. feedback; " This stuff is a MUST for clearing out any negatives in your home and spaces (or those you love) and if you pair it with black salt and brick dust it creates a guaranteed security system like nothing else I've ever used or seen. If you've used other black water/black salt with little effect THIS AIN"T THAT! Conjured Cardea's are the true item and an absolute neccessity if you're looking for extra security!" You will receive 1 ounce. Bless!

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