SALE!!!Happy Home Apothecary Incense-Hogar Feliz
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SALE!!!Happy Home Apothecary Incense-Hogar Feliz

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This hand-made blend is created with myrrh, lemon balm, lavender, cardamom, marshmallow root, meadowsweet root, and spearmint. Pure resins, herbs, and oils to get your home in tip-top shape!

Cleanse a new home or just bring some peace to your already settled space! Perfect before ritual or workings, after arguments, before in-laws visits (yikes!), or after hormone filled, teenage blow-ups!

Let this all-natural, 100% pure blend fill your home with tranquility and peace with a little good juju too!

All of my incenses are created from the finest herbs and oils, many of the herbs are grown and harvested myself! Choose 100% pure incenses for your work and feel the difference it makes!

Pure incenses are just that-all natural. They are not synthetic or perfumey so they will be different than what you may be used to. Give them a try and enjoy the gifts of the earth in a new form, let the smoke fill every corner of your home and being:)

Generous 2 ounce, sunshine-yellow apothecary jar to give that vintage, old time feel in your space, kitchen, home, or altar! You will receive 2 charcoal briquettes with your incense so you can get to workin'!

thanks for looking!

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