Maman Brigitte Bath and Body Oil-Justice, Business, Protection

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This is my new line of bath oils! Created with antioxidant rich safflower oil, essential oil, and corresponding herbs.

She walks the walk and talks the talk! Known for her obscenity spewing mouth and favouring rum laced with hot peppers, Mama Brigitte is serious business! Lwa Mama Brigitte is the Queen of the Spirit World, the wife of Baron Samedi. She is often compared to the African Orisha, Oya, Queen of the Winds & Hurricanes. Her sacred animal is the rooster. I call upon Mama Brigitte to clear negativity and bring clarity to my life, and to bring protection and wisdom from ancestors and spirit guides. She is also phenomenal at helping with academics, call upon her when studying and prayer to her before exams! I worked with her all though college! She will show you the way if you respect her and acknowledge her daily. Mama Brigitte is tricky until you get to know her; at first she may give a big "eff you" to your request, but once she sees your true devotion, there is nothing she can not grant you! As with all loa and orishas, once you start to honor her, you must do so everyday; to ignore them is to ignore help and you may lose what you have obtained through them.

Use this oil to invoke Maman Brigitte with a purple, maroon, or a burnt orange candle as you bathe.

Created with clove and sandalwood essential oils, patchouli, grains of paradise, clove, cowrie shells, and other secrets.

Use this oil over 7 days, use about a teaspoon each day, to provide a wonderful 7 day bath to get you on your way to success! Ritual bathing is a wonderful foundation for all of your workings and will provide you with many benefits-magical and mundane. Please, do not use in your third trimester is pregnant and you may want to abstain from washing your hair in these baths.

Come stunningly packaged in a heavy, 4 ounce, purple (the colour justice, power, and riches;) glass bottle with natural cork.

thanks for looking!

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