Lucky Gambler's Hand-Gambling, Luck, Money, Winnings, Games

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This is one of a unique set of mojo hands I am making. This hand is about 4 inches long, from hanger to tip of last milagro. It is hand sewn in the folksy-hoodoo style with lucky-gold embroidery thread is accented with 2 milagros to enhance it's purpose. It is backed with material featuring red chili peppers-a highly magickal herb.*Your mojo may not have these exact milagros, but ones with similar meaning. Due to the mailagros being imported from Mexico I can not always guarantee what I will get.

It is filled with Spanish moss, lodestones, high John root, cowrie, devil's claw, mint among lots of other good stuffs to bring you lotsa luck! Hang or carry this mojo and I believe it will bring you good luck and good fortune:) This mojo will give praise to the fates, and beckon them to smile luck and good fortune upon you. thanks for looking! ashe'!

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