Lovers Incense
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Lovers Incense

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This is a very old, traditional formula sold in the root shacks and hoodoo shops of long ago. The formula sold now is often titles as "Spanish Love" and is a shadow of what the true perfumes and incense should be. Popular for it's refreshing and uplifting scent which is obtained with only the finest Mediterranean botanical essences. I have craeted a self igniting incense from two layers of finely milled barks, woods and herbs. It contains white rose, lavender, and blue sonata oils-some of the best oils for love, rememberance and romance. It has also been very useful for scrying and when seeking messages and information about love when using another form of divination. It's all topped with pure alkanet root pieces and a cowrie shell for lots of good luck! Used to inspire romance and love every day, for special occasions, or use in workings for a super boost! Simply pour a bit of this powder onto a heat-proof surface or dish, shape into a cone with your fingers and light the tip-viola'! You will receive 2 ounce, heavy glass jar adorned with The Lovers card from my favorite deck-the Aquarian Tarot. thanks for looking!

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