Emotion Release Service-Heart Break, Forgiveness,Reconciliation

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This service is to help restore lost emotional bonds, help heal heart break or friendships, help someone to open up and show their true feelings and desires, let go of a past love or unhealthy love. It can help reverse any type of negative emotion you, or the target, associates with a situation while enhancing the positive emotions and traits of the relationship. It is a 3-5 day service during which I will created a loaded and dressed Emotion Reverse candle for you, create a name paper, set the proper offerings, vigils and spiritual grid plus evoke the proper deities and and/or spirits. 

I will need full names and birthdates of the couple involved as well as photos of possible emailed to conjuredcardea@gmail.com

You will receive 5-10 photos of the work as well as a full report.

To read my testimonials, please visit this link; http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/content/testimonials

Thank you and I look forward to serving you!


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