Commitment Working-Heals, Speeds-Up, Strengthens Relationships

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This service is to help draw commitment and healing to relationships that can't seem to progress. It is a 2 day service, during which I will created a loaded and dressed figure candle representing your desired partner for you. I'll then create a petition and inscribe the candle according to the name and/or characteristics you desire in a mate. I will then set the proper offerings and evoke Oshun to help you achive your goal.

This working is often used for relationships that only revolve around sex due to one partner not being able to commit to an emotional relationship. It is helpful to begin a signifigant, committed, emotional dating relationship with possibility of further comittment. The names and birthdates of the couple involved are needed as well as photos if possible. Please include these on the "special instructions" to your order and e-mail me with the photos at

********A full report containing 5-10 photos will be emailed when the work is close to completion or upon completion.

********Please provide names, DOB and the details of your situation as well as you goals in the "special instructions" area on your order form.  Photos should be e-mailed to YOUR ORDER WILL BE CANCELLED IF NO INFORMATION IS PROVIDED ON YOUR FORM.

To read my testimonials, please visit this link;

*Spiritual work is never guaranteed. Just with any professional service, such as a lawyer or counselor, providing a professional service does not gurantee your situation with be met with your anticipated goals, in your anticipated amount of time.

Thank you and I look forward to serving you!

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