Blue Moon Service-July 31st-Extra Full Moon Energy

The term "blue moon" refers to the phenomenon of having two full moons within a 29 day cycle. Blue Moons gives you an extra boost for your attraction and drawing work, providing extra energy for the month as we come off of one full moon and into another with 29 days. This serice is good for prosperity, love, fertility, employment, opportunity, business-anything you want more of!

I will light one candle for you, dressed with oil for your intent, and I will set offerings, incense and prayers for your goal. This will all be enveloped and multiplied in the super moon, equinox and eclipse energy!

Woderful service for any occasion. Don't miss this surge of energy for your goals-it will be a long time before we get this opportunity again!

******Please type your petition or goal in the "special instructions" area of your order!!!

thanks for looking!

Blue Moon Service-July 31st-Extra Full Moon Energy
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