1 Prosperous New Year Novena Candle and Oil

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This SEVEN color novena candle is LOADED with my lucky rice, lucky beans, talisman and much more to draw in a prosperous new year for youand your family. Dress the candle and amulet with my New Year's Luck oil-INCLUDED-and beging to burn it on January 1st.  

Recite this New Year's Prayer;
"Master of time and eternity, yours is the past, present and the future. At the end of this year, I want to give thanks for all that I received. I am grateful for life and love, the air and the sea, sun and moon,  the joy and pain. I ask you to make a difference in my life.  Today I ask for peace and joy, strength and prudence, clarity and wisdom. I live each day with optimism and kindness carrying around a heart of compassion and peaceI am open to change myself to all that is good and fill my spirit with blessings. Fill me with goodness and joy, give me health, prosperity, love and money in abundance.  I thank you with humility and honesty."


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